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Mom searches for best pricing for laundry delivery and finds Wash 'N Suds

We’re not going to price by colors, textiles, people, or pounds.

Our pricing gives you the most versatile option: by the bag.

Choose the plan you love!

  • Most Popular

    1 Bag Subscription

    Every month
    • Only $16 per load
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • 1 custom bag- holds 2 full loads
    • Free Delivery
    • Weekly pickup
  • 2 Bag Subscription

    Every month
    For large families
    • Only $11 per load
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • 2 custom bags- holds 4 loads
    • Free Delivery
    • Weekly Pickup
  • Commercial Service

    Every month
    For businesses
     3 day free trial
    • Towels only
    • Weekly pickup
    • Custom Bag
Folded commercial towels after Wash 'N Suds services



Our monthly plan costs you only $145 per month for 1 bag, while saving you hours of time. This includes FREE weekly pickup and delivery.


You choose your window! We know not all people are morning people. That’s why we offer pickup times between 9-11am or 3-6pm. Drop-offs are always between 6am-10am so that you have your clothes before your day kicks off. 


We pickup every week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The only times we aren’t available will be federal holidays, and Christmas Break. We will send you these details in an email so that you always know when to expect our services.


When you sign up, your monthly payment will be due for your first pickup the following week. You can sign up for our auto draft feature so that your full laundry process is completely hands-off.

Bedding is an add-on for Jonesborough residents using mobile laundry service


For sheets and bedding,

we charge an additional $50 each time. Simply request this service on your weekly laundry card.


Each additional bag is $60 per month, saving you more money by having more laundry!

Additional laundry bags are an upcharge in the mobile laundry delivery service
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